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Spending a term at a Parisian cooking school is a tradition that is time-honoured for anyone who wants to polish up on their mixing, chopping, sprinkling, and cooking skills. However, in case you do not have a season, you can take a unique cooking class in Paris. In the town of Julia Child and Escoffier, Michelin and more Cordon Bleu stars that can join, it's a shame to choose when it comes to selecting cooking classes. These are the best cooking classes in Paris from three-course dinners to delicious cakes and many others. Find out more information on

Making Croissants

Among the best French cooking class in Paris is crafting croissants. In only three hours you master the techniques necessary to process the dough into the characteristic French cakes. You begin with tackling the unique blend of paté levée (a dough that is raised) and paté feuilletée (puff pastry), then learn about how much rest it requires and finally roll and bake! Then you have a moment to enjoy it, before heading to the Latin Quarter, equipped with a package of your creations. This class is amazing and worth taking. You will have a wonderful experience in Paris.

A Tutorial on Classic French Sauces

This is another incredible class. The only thing you require is to spend more than three hours of your time and you will return home equipped with the option to make eight classic French sauces. Under the guidance of professional chefs, the class handles emulsions, rouxes, and reductions - in other terms, hot, cold, and dessert pastes. Presume to master French mayonnaise, vinaigrette, bechamel, port sauce, bearnaise, shallot sauce and red wine, classic chocolate sauce, and caramel au beurre salé.

Prepare a Three-Course Meal

This is another class that is sitting down for a French meal in the town of love is one thing, however, learning how to create it yourself is much more special. In this in-depth course, you will learn how to prepare a three-course gourmet dinner, but you must first obtain the ingredients that participants can obtain from a nutrition market in the Latin Quarter. In addition to preparing a meal, you will have the opportunity to sample a diversity of French wines. Why not try this class?

The Hors d’oeuvres Art

There is another cooking class that is worth taking. Perfect the typically French afternoon with a hors d'oeuvres master class. Learn practical techniques, together with artistic performances and knife skills, to impress your visitors at home. The list of options you make characterizes French cheese waffles (gougères au Fromage), classic fish paste (rillettes de Poisson), and onion marmalade (confiture d’oignons). These show the variety of foods you will learn to prepare.

Finally, if you have the interest in learning how to prepare french foods cooking classes in Paris are the best option for you. Consider these best classes and acquire high-level skills. These skills will enable you to prepare delicious Parisian meals. Invest in these classes and you will never regret.

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