What to do in Paris

cooking lessons

Food experiences: take part in cooking lessons in Paris!

Spending a term at a Parisian cooking school is a tradition that is time-honoured for anyone who wants to polish up on their mixing, chopping, sprinkling, and cooking skills. However, in case you do not have a season, you can…

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The Best Hotels in Paris, France – Find Amazing Places to Stay

     The various demands of modern life may lead people to live under stress. It comes thus necessary to detach oneself from these constraints and have a new life perspective. Going to Bedford hotel in Paris is indeed an opportunity…

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Shopping in Paris on your own

It goes without saying that nothing helffffffps lift the spirits of a lonely soul more than shopping for favourite books, clothes, films or antiques. Have a look at where you might find them in Paris at reasonable prices.

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Cafés in Paris

To visit Paris, as described by paris-tourisme.net/, and not even once have a croissant with coffee in one of the local cafés is truly a crime. Especially that – as a single – you should be seeking opportunities to meet someone…

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