Paris in the movies

Everyone has probably seen at least one film set in Paris. Below, you will find a list of some of our picks that might put you in a Parisian mood. You might even want to find the places shown in them on a map.


You might spot the „Des 2 Moulins” café in it.

Paris, I Love You

Keep your eyes peeled for those Montmartre cafés!

Last Tango in Paris

The main character is traversing the enchanting streets on the banks of the Seine. Perhaps you will recognise them?


This film will let you get lost in Parisian alleys and lush parks by the Seine. It`s really worth it!

Sex and the City

In the final two episodes of this popular TV show, the American, Carrie Bradshaw, goes to visit Paris. Luxurious hotels, museums, cosy cafés and streets that you must see for yourself.

The Dreamers

This film will let you see what the city on the Seine looked like in the period of student protests in 1968. The intriguing Paris of the 1960s was really something else!

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