Road trip to Paris : learn more about American sports cars and rent one during your trip to Paris

Road trips are the perfect way to see a place and Paris is no exception. Pack a car with all the things you need and get on the road to explore the magnificence that is the French Capital. American sports cars are some favourite picks for road trips due to their maximum functionality. However, you must know how to choose the right vehicle, but do you know enough about American sports cars to make that decision boldly? Educating yourself about a few facts can help a great deal. Franck Peltier provides useful information on how to spot an American sports car and some of the popular choices.

What Defines an American Sports Car?

Ford, Chevrolet and Mustang are some of the names that are synonymous with sports cars manufactured in America. A sports car is designed for performance from the style of its chassis to the power of the engine. Typically, the vehicle is a two-seater with two doors, but not always. A common question is what distinguishes a sports car from a luxury one? Luxury cars may be built for excellent performance, but they are also highly focused on looks and comfort. Sports cars handle very well on the road, which is one reason they are ideal when planning a long distance trip.

Picking an American Sports Car for Your Road Trip

So, you have decided to visit Paris, but you prefer to drive there. The specifications are some of the criteria that will tell you the most suitable sports car to rent. If it's a Ford Mustang Shelby, decide which model suits you best. These considerations will determine the specs you end up with. Ask about the fuel capacity. Of course, you have to factor in the cost of fuel when budgeting for the road trip. You wouldn't want to be halfway to Orléans from Paris then realise you don't have enough fuel.

Size is, of course, a big determinant when arranging that Paris road trip. Say you are travelling a few hundred kilometres to Paris and still want to visit the outskirts while you are there. You need a sports car that can accommodate the luggage you will be bringing along. If you have a road trip partner, a late-model Mustang Boss will work. The point is to hire a vehicle that will provide sufficient comfort when driving to the French Capital.


Never forget to ask about the mileage limit when getting a rental for your road trip. It would be wasteful to find out that you can't visit the champagne capital of France, Reims, because the rental agreement doesn't allow you to drive the 144 Km from Paris. You can always choose to go over the set mileage, but that means paying extra, which can ruin your road trip budget.

Consider the features you want in your sports car. Are you satisfied with an old model Chevrolet Corvette with just a radio or do you want a phone charger in your rental ?

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