The craziest festivals in the world

Published on : 04 February 20192 min reading time

Feast: Battle of Vino

Feast: Battle of Vino

Location: Rioja, Spain

So is celebrated: with a lot of red wine. Participants fill their spray guns and shoot on a hill. Then he goes to the food.

Date: June 29

Dress code: white clothes – and without a doubt goggles and water pistol

Fest: Battle Rocket of Chios

Location: Chios, Greece

It is celebrated: two communities shoot with flares and fireworks at the church of each opposing community. Up to 60,000 missiles are fired. The church that loses is the church that receives the most blows.

Date: night to Easter Sunday

Dress code: the best long-sleeved

Party: Highland Games

Location: Braemar, Scotland

This is celebrated with disciplines such as throwing wood, throwing stones, wrestling and throwing hammer in front of hundreds of thousands of spectators and against a backdrop of traditional bagpipe music. The goal is to find the strongest man in Scotland.

  Date: September

Dress code: a kilt of course

Party: Boryeong Mud

Location: Boreyeong, South Korea

It celebrates: a huge slump, where more than one million people find themselves in tons of extra sludge on the beach.

Date: July 18th

Dress code: swimsuit or bikini

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