Going for a holiday in the UK: try the peer to peer car rental service

peer to peer car rental

Peer to peer car rental is when car owners make their cars available for short term rental. It is similar to "car clubs", but instead of using a fleet of cars designed especially for the purpose, it uses cars that are privately owned and already in use. The best known of these is Drivy UK, a private car hire company that uses the peer to peer car rental model. For more information, go to www.drivy.co.uk.

Peer to peer car rental for a holiday to the UK

This type of car hire can be a great choice for a holiday to the UK. Having use of a car during a trip to the UK will allow you to explore the country's beautiful landscapes, cultural centers and major cities. If you choose to use a private car rental system such as Drivy UK, you can save money in comparison to traditional car hire companies.

How does peer to peer car rental work?

There are businesses that bring both parties (car owner and renter) together. Part of their job is to screen participants, and provide an app or website through which an agreement is made between parties. Whilst these businesses take up to 40% of the money exchanged, this goes towards insurance for both renter and car owner, roadside assistance, operating costs.

Why should I use peer to peer car rental for my holiday to the UK?

There are many advantages to peer to peer car rental. As mentioned, it is usually more cost effective than traditional car hire companies. Another key advantage is convenience. Private car rental in UK will save you having to trek to an airport or another inconvenient location to rent a car - instead, you can see what is available in your local area. This can be particularly useful whilst on holiday: if you only need a car for a day trip, then you can find a car within your locality, borrow it for the length of time that you need it, and then drop it off easily close by to your accommodation. This can save precious holiday time when compared to traditional car rental companies where you may have to spend hours retrieving and depositing the car. There is a wide selection of cars, depending on your needs. If you're taking a trip to the countryside and expect to be driving down mud roads, then perhaps you need a 4×4. No problem! You can filter this type of car. Or maybe you're planning to drive your partner and kids to a museum, and you need plenty of space for everyone. In that case, you can select the option for family friendly cars! Do you think this all sounds great, but don't feel reassured that the cars and their owners will be reliable? You can rest easy thanks to the peer reviewing system, which means renters and owners are reviewed for their conduct and proper use of the car. These reviews are easily accessible on peer to peer car rental websites and apps. What are you waiting for? Explore peer to peer car rental in UK today for your holiday!

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