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Published on : 26 August 20215 min reading time

Emerald stone is one of the most valuable and rare gemstones to find. It is from the silicate family in the group of beryl variety. It is the purest crystal of green-ray, which symbolizes growth. Lighter green stones promote spiritual and commitment growth. The colouration of the stone changes between green-yellow and green-blue, and when exposed to fire, it shifts to a light pearl green. It is composed of chromium, vanadium and iron that are accountable for its colour. You can buy these stones at

History of the Stone

The stone was well known from ancient years; for example, Egyptians considered the stone as a symbol of eternal life. It was also seen as a magical stone that brought thoughts and desires into reality. It was thought to have the power to protect from all kinds of spells and enchantments. The Egyptian queen used the stones made in the form of bracelets, pendants, or necklaces and offered them to her entourage. The high empire from Egypt, Greece and Rome used the stone as a magnifying glass to enhance vision. The Jews had the stone listed in Exodus in the breastplate of the high priest. This relates to one of the four precious stones given to King Solomon by God, and it was a third stone engraved with the tribe of Levi. In Christianity, the stones symbolize the birth of a new and pure life. In 2000 BC, Babylonians used the stones as a currency. These are heavy natural stones and have inclusions that are seen without magnification. They include crystals, clouds, cavities, pinpoints, feathers, and needles. These inclusions naturally occur during the growth of the stones.

Buying Guide

Having been one of the most expensive gems, buying this stone could be difficult. It is crucial to identify the quality of the stone. A certificate is issued to confirm whether it is natural or artificial. Natural stones have a vibrant and royal appeal and are very rare. Non-natural stones have a synthetic colouring and may bring a lot of questions to customers. It also helps to identify the origin and nature of the stone, which some buyers may want to know about. The size of the stone is what determines the certification costs. Gemologists can identify the nature of a gemstone by the use of advanced tools and technologies. Setting a budget is essential so that you can identify the right combination of quality and size. The stones have many shapes, and while purchasing, choosing a shape is necessary. The available shapes are oval, round, octagon, and pear. Each form has its way of showcasing the colour and size of the stone. Selecting the quality of the stone is all about its pure colour. While purchasing online, the best thing is to involve a trusted natural stone jewellery expert to help you choose by providing the criteria. The single quality choice is advisable for being a safe bet since when you have too many options, it creates room for making mistakes. The size of the stone also attracts buyers after checking all the other features because it can never be too large. Clarifying the stone is done by evaluating it facing up without the need for magnification for its colour. Also, don’t concentrate on individual inclusion.

Properties of the Stone

Litho therapy is one of the main features of this stone. It is an energy-healing technique where a few numbers of crystals and minerals are used by different cultures around the world in healing therapies. It is used during massage, cleansing, meditation, restructuring, and healing of energy bodies. The crystals are used in several ways during the treatment. For example, medicinal potion, healing sets carried in times of need, jewellery, and placing the stones in your environments, especially in your living and working space. It helps to promote good self-esteem by building confidence among people. It is an excellent stone for bringing to life and refreshing a person, job, or interest. It helps to calm emotions; thus, activates creativity, improves focus, and brings in positive actions. It is known for boosting love by enhancing unconditional love, friendship and unity among families. The stone helps strengthen the immune system since it aids in the recovery of infectious illness, improves vision, cures viral infections, soothes eyes, and improves the digestive system. The stones treat lung, heart, muscular system, and spine disorders, and they help in protecting all the joints in the body. It also helps to purify the liver and pancreas and relives epileptic and diabetic people.


While purchasing the stone online, it is vital to make sure that you are getting a gem that is rich in green colour. The reason is that buying the stones from a website, and the photographs might not have a very realistic representative colour. There is a possibility of improving the appearance of the cut gems by treating them in oils, polymers, and waxes. It enhances the colour to a vibrant pure green and gives the stone sparkle. The disadvantage with the treatment is that despite improving the appearance, they reduce the durability and fasten the discolouring of the gem. It is easy to differentiate natural stones from synthetic stones by magnification because they contain visible characteristics. The colours of the stones vary based on their origin; thus, most countries where the stones are mined like Colombia, Zambia and Brazil invest in mining to facilitate the production of high-quality gems. Being aware of cheap prices is very important since it helps you avoid buying non-natural stones. Another way of clearing your doubt after a purchase is by having the gem professionally appraised since their specialized tools to provide you with a description of your gemstone.

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