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hotel holiday in Paris

Paris is better known as the city of love. the best 3 star hotels are those near the city centre as they offer a beautiful view of the city with all the various amenities around. The kind of mood one is looking for is also important to consider, whether eclectic or a modern feel. An example is the Amarante beau manoir, located in Paris city centre as its first sight takes you back to the 18th century. Other considerations are like the various services offered and special requests by clients as not all luxury hotel would meet the customers’ needs. Whether in Paris, France on a solo trip, a family getaway, honeymoon destination or a business trip to  tour, shopping or sightseeing are among various things to do in the french capital. To know more about the various three-star hotels in Paris, please click here.

Room availability for various clients

Room choices are very important as they determine the kind of comfort and satisfaction the customer would enjoy. From the view of the city to the strategic location allowing easy movement around the hotel and noise reduction to enjoy a peaceful stay. Opting for a Hotel in place de la madeleine is one of the best choices to make, due to its strategic location at the city Centre allowing easy manoeuvrability around the city. Special room requests are also another factor to consider when booking for a luxury hotel. Business clients are, but an example, if they require fast internet connected rooms with a PC web corner with soundproofed walls. Those with children could also get rooms with a free infant bed and an air conditioning available to regulate the room temperature along with an adjoining room which is available to help monitor the children and a private bathroom.

Special services offered

For clients with special needs, they ought to do a thorough research on various restrictions and services three-star hotels offer. Dry cleaning for the same day may be available in most hotels for those who pack light. Pets are also another consideration and may be allowed but ought to be friendly to visitors. Shuttle bus services are also available on request and an airport transportation from the hotel to the city centre... For the elderly and disabled, some hotels may be wheelchair friendly. For the smokers, most hotels restrict indoor smoking which may come with penalties...

Availability of shopping areas and activities to do

Paris is full of lovely areas with lots of exciting activities for solo trips, business meetings, partners, groups of people and families. Some of the areas to visit are : the museums, the shopping centres and of course the Eiffel Tower. Other interesting sites which shout luxury and elite is the Opera Garnier better known as Paris Opera House which is at a walking distance from the city centre. For those wishing for a walk further, the Orsay and Louvre Museums are just about 20 minutes’ walk from the City Centre with the famous Eiffel Tower being a little bit far but within a 42 minutes’ walk distance. The Eiffel Tower can also be seen within most hotels since it is at the city centre offering more than just a stay but a feel of the beautiful city of France.

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